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Individual Worker Rights

Individual Worker Rights

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At Sugarman & Susskind, P.A., we are committed to protecting the rights of workers. Workers and employers are subject to laws and regulations from all levels of government. Just because laws exist, however, doesn’t mean that they are followed. Workers often need experienced employment attorneys to help them understand their legal rights, particularly when they have not received wages or benefits that they have earned, when they are involved in overtime disputes, or when they are negotiating agreements at the beginning or the end of a job.

Our experienced lawyers can help you. Contact us to discuss your needs if you think you have not been properly paid for your work, if you are concerned about the security of your pension, or if you need assistance with employment agreements.

Representing Workers in Wage and Hour Litigation

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), most workers are entitled to overtime wages when they work more than 40 hours in a work week. The FLSA, as well as Florida law, also provides for a minimum wage. While these principles are simple in theory, in practice the law is a lot more complex. Many workers are misclassified or are incorrectly led to believe that they are not entitled to overtime. Also, when workers leave their employment they may be entitled to unpaid wages, vacation, or to earned commissions. At Sugarman & Susskind, we represent individual employees who have questions about their wages and their entitlement to overtime. We can review the facts of your case, advise you of your rights under law, and if necessary represent you in a legal action. For more information about this practice area, please contact attorney Noah Scott Warman.

Representing Individuals in Employee Pension Benefits Litigation

Your pension benefits are the key to a secure and peaceful retirement. As events over the past few years have demonstrated, however, in the wrong hands that foundation may prove to be built on false promises and shifting sands. Workers often need advice on whether their plans have operated fairly and in compliance with federal laws, including ERISA. Workers whose pension benefits have been improperly calculated or denied need effective legal representation. At Sugarman & Susskind, we can counsel you on your pension rights and take the necessary steps to secure your pension benefits. For more information about this practice area, please contact attorney Ivelisse Berio LeBeau.

Assisting Employees with Employment and Severance Agreements

Workers who work under an employment agreement or who are asked to sign a termination agreement often need professional assistance. We advise individual workers concerning their legal rights and represent employees whose employers have failed to follow the law. We have assisted workers in negotiating employment agreements when taking or leaving a job, including reviewing severance packages and agreements with confidentiality and non-compete provisions. For more information about this practice area, please contact attorney Noah Scott Warman.

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Our firm is built on our commitment to assisting workers. If you are a worker with a wage or pension benefit claim, or if you need assistance with employment agreements, contact us today. Fill our online intake form or call us at 305-529-2801, 954-327-2878 (Ft. Lauderdale) or toll free at 800-329-2122.