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At Sugarman & Susskind, P.A., we are committed to protecting working people, their wages, their pensions and their benefits. We believe in fostering an environment where promises made to workers are kept. Since 1985, our founding partners have been committed to these ideals, a conviction that is shared by every attorney at our firm today.

Laws relating to employee benefits, wages and collectively bargained labor agreements are complex. We know these laws because we’ve been working with them for years. When you need a lawyer who understands employee benefits law, with experience in labor law, or who can help you with a wage claim, please contact us.

Our Services

We provide legal services in the following areas:

  • Employee Benefits : We provide a broad range of services for sponsors, trustees, and managers of all types of employee pension and health benefit plans, including multiemployer, single-employer, and municipal plans. We assist plan fiduciaries in understanding and complying with their plan obligations, including their fiduciary duties, through representation, consultation, or fiduciary self-audits. We also assist individuals who participate in single-employer pension benefit plans who have concerns about the management of their plans or who think they have not received promised benefits.
  • Labor Unions : We provide comprehensive representation for labor unions, addressing the full spectrum of their unique legal concerns. We serve dozens of private and public sector labor unions throughout Florida. From initial organizing to collective bargaining to arbitrating and beyond, we assist unions in advancing the rights of their members.
  • Individual Worker Rights : We represent individual workers to ensure that their contractual and legal rights to wages and benefits are protected. We work to ensure that workers are properly classified, that they are paid minimum and overtime wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and that their pension benefits are properly accounted for, funded, and paid.

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When you need a Florida lawyer experienced in labor, employment, or employee benefits law, contact us to discuss how we can work together to assist you.

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